ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View

Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure in Oahu or the stunning spots famously filmed for hit movies and TV shows like Jurassic Park, King Kong and Lost, the ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch is a MUST in the Oahu itinerary.  We love riding ATVs but add that with 2 hours of off-road terrain and breathtaking sceneries of valleys, this ATV tour reaches a different level of amazing experience.  Feel the rush and be ready to get dirty!

For the best experience, join the 2-Hour Single Passenger ATV Tour.

We enjoyed the tour so much and considering the vast size of the nature reserve, 1 hour might not be enough.  There is, however, an age restriction for this tour.  You should be at least 16 years old to drive.  For families traveling with kids or if you want to ride in pairs, you could tour the Kualoa Ranch with the Multi-Passenger 4WD ATV Tour.

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu (1 of 1)-3
Single-Passenger ATV Tour
ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View 4WD Multi-Passenger ATV
Multi-Passenger 4WD ATV Tour

Don’t fret, there is a short video for safety briefing and the do’s and don’ts. 

Every tour also has a tour guide.  Our group consisted of 3 pairs and the guide.  After the briefing, helmets and ATVs are provided.  If you have a GoPro, you could attach it to the helmet.

It took me a few minutes to get used to driving the ATV.  Once we started the engines, there was no test drive.  We drove up and down the road.  I eventually got the hang of it when we arrived at our first stop.

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu World War II Bunker Views (1 of 1)-2

First Stop: World War II Bunker

This World War II bunker is built into the side of a mountain.  It was interesting to see this important piece of Hawaii’s history.  There were old articles framed on the walls of the bunker and a room that contained memorabilia of the war.  The room looked like it was left exactly how it was during the war.

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu World War II Bunker Memorabilia (1 of 1)

Some of the rooms in the bunker were turned into a “Hollywood museum” with props from the famous movies and TV shows filmed in Kualoa Ranch.

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu World War II Bunker Lost (1 of 1)

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu World War II Bunker Jurassic World Truck (1 of 1)

At the end of this stop, our tour guide gave us time to admire and take photos of the ocean view.

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Views Oahu (1 of 1)-2

Second Stop: Kualoa Mountain Ridge

After driving through the forest, we reached a higher ground that gave remarkably, stunning views!  Imagine, you will get a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the beautifully-carved mountain ridge and a lush forest.

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View Pacific Ocean (1 of 1)

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View (1 of 1)-2

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View

Third Stop: Meadows

The meadows reminded me of lovely landscape paintings.  There are trees, grass and cows.  It also has the mountain ridge as the background.  It was also a gorgeous day during our tour which resulted to a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds.ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Meadows Cows (1 of 1)

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View

Filmed Locations:

Jurassic ParkATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Jurassic Park Fallen Tree

GodzillaATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Godzilla (1 of 1)

Dirt, Climbs and Dives

It was a THRILL traversing the mud and going up and down the terrain!  Our group drove faster than the other groups we passed by.  We had to ramp up the speed several times.

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Muddy Terrain (1 of 1)

For prices and more details, click here.

Getting Ready for the ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch

Use sunscreen – 2 hours under the sun will get your skin burnt!
Use closed shoes – it is one of their requirements
Be at the site at least 15 mins. before the tour time

ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Views

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ATV Tour in Kualoa Ranch Oahu Mountain Ridge View

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  1. Wow. These photos are so beautiful. Plus it is really neat to see somethings from the movies 🙂

  2. Nicole Anderson says: Reply

    This just looks like a whole lot of fun! Also a great way to see the beauty of Hawaii and the interesting historical things like the World War II bunker and the filming locations. I would love to do this when I get back to Hawaii. Thank you for covering this.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I have never done anything like this but you can tell from the smile on your face that it was a blast! I haven’t been to Hawaii yet but I want to go and will have to do this when I do go

  4. Getting on an ATV and exploring a place as impressive as Kualoa Ranch, is such a fun and adventurous activity to do. This is the first time I am reading about an ATV tour in a place which is in the lap of nature.

  5. natalietanner says: Reply

    What fun! I’m so glad to see helmets are part of the fun. It is important to stay safe when you travel! We travel with the kid and they would love this sort of adventure!

  6. This looks like an amazing way to explore that beautiful area! Thanks so much for posting this experience and those great pics!

  7. Those hills are so grogeous! I could spend all day looking at them. I never would have suspected there was a bunker hiding out in that scenery – super cool!

  8. gobeyondbounds says: Reply

    Those views are awe-inspiring. Riding an ATV around the national park sounds like an amazing idea and fun adventure at the same time. We were enraptured with those pictures of Godzilla shooting site with those footmarks still intact. Hawaii definitely on list.

  9. Awesome! That looks like it was so much fun! I love ATVing, and what a beautiful spot to do it in! Beautiful pics as well!

  10. When you shared that first photo on Instagram, I was so jealous because it looked like such a fun place to explore. But an ATV tour? Even better! I haven’t tried an ATV ride before but seeing how fun it looks, I should definitely check this out.

  11. Such beautiful pictures – so lush and so pretty. Totally in the mood now to watch Godzilla, and Jurassic Park with such amazing sceneries. The coast area might be my favorite though I stop on all the mentioned stops!

  12. Take me there 😮! This place is so so beautiful and your pictures are stunning. I would love to try the Tour 💕

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