Pillow Fight in Toronto!

I’ve got amusing news for you!  There’s an International Pillow Fight Day and it’s being celebrated in cities around the world including Toronto.  Fun, right?!

Every first weekend of April, locals and tourists bring their pillows to participate in the International Pillow Fight Day.  This year, it was celebrated at Nathan Phillips Square.

Pillow Fight Day Toronto

The moment the clock struck three, participants shouted their battle cries and all hell broke loose.

Kids and adults chased one another, swinging their pillows and dodging other attackers.

Pillow Fight Day Toronto

You can smack anyone as long as they have pillows too!

Pillow Fight Day Toronto
The rule is to swing lightly but there’s no way to contain these guys.  They were having too much fun!
Pillow Fight Day Toronto
As if this event isn’t fun enough, participants can come in their PJs or costumes.
Do you celebrate the International Pillow Fight Day in your city?

4 Replies to “Pillow Fight in Toronto!”

  1. Hahaa this sounds like sooo much fun!!!! 🙂

    1. businesstravelerswife says: Reply

      Yeah! 🙂 It’s funny to watch them also, running around and attacking.

  2. I’ve never heard about it but it seems great!! It would definitely be a memorable experience taking part to it!! 🙂


    1. businesstravelerswife says: Reply

      Hi there! 🙂 It’s my first time to learn about it also. Next year you can check the city you’re currently at if they’re holding a Pillow Fight Day. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m heading to your page now. 🙂

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