The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

We first had our doubts when we were planning our visit to Blue Lagoon, thinking it might be overrated.  Since we did not know when we will have another chance to visit Iceland, we decided to push through and see the famous Blue Lagoon.  Good thing we did because it turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip!

Blue Lagoon is a famous geothermal spa in Iceland.  Its main attractions are its unique bright blue hue, naturally-heated water and beneficial effects to the skin.The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

Reserving a Slot in Blue Lagoon

Pre-booking is required.  If you plan to visit Blue Lagoon, you have to book your slots in their website.  They require the confirmation of the booking for your entry to the lagoon.

Entrance fee is €40-€50 per adult.  Price depends on the time of day of the visit and how far in advance of the visit the ticket is booked.  In our case, we paid €50 each since we booked only a week in advance.
*Free admission for children (2-13 years old)The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

Getting to Blue Lagoon

Driving to Blue Lagoon is easy.  It is a 20-minute drive from Keflavik International Airport and 50-minute drive from Reykjavik (Iceland’s capital and largest city).  You will know that you are near the Blue Lagoon when you start smelling the scent of sulfur.

Blue Lagoon provides a free parking with a large capacity.  If you do not plan on driving to Blue Lagoon, there are also hourly bus transfers to and from Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, and Keflavik International Airport.  Bus transfer rates are €32/adult.The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

To get inside the spa, you must present the confirmation of your reservation (online or printed).  You will be given a wristband and you can use this to access a free locker inside the shower room or purchase an amenity.

Our Blue Lagoon Experience

It was very cold and windy during our visit.  This made the short walk from the door to the lagoon dreadful!  As we dipped into the warmth of the geothermal spa, the most relaxing sensation enveloped us.  We finally realized how beautiful Blue Lagoon is.  It is absolutely NOT overrated.  

Blue Lagoon is surrounded with dark-colored natural rocks that emphasize the bright blue reflection on the water. There is also a gorgeous backdrop of the mountains peeking through the thick fog that covers the lagoon.  Since we booked the earliest time possible, Blue Lagoon was not yet packed with tourists.  The lagoon was large enough for us to have our own space.  With the cold wind and geothermal water complimenting each other, it was the ultimate feeling of relaxation.  The temperature of the water was very soothing at 37-40°C (98-104°F).  Some areas are hotter than others and some are a bit deeper.The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

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We tried the complimentary Silica Mud Mask which was said to deep-cleanse the face and reduce the visibility of pores.  You can find this at the gazebo at the right side of the lagoon. The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect
It is self-serve so you can apply as many times as you want.

We had an incredible time in Blue Lagoon.   If only we had more time for our entire trip, we would have stayed there for as long as we liked.

The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect

Tips for Visiting Blue Lagoon:

1. Book your reservation as soon as possible

Booking in advance will ensure the availability of your preferred slots AND a cheaper price.  We learned this the hard way because we booked through their website a week in advance and the slots were almost full.  We had to adjust our itinerary to accommodate the available slots and we paid €10 more than the standard rate per person.

*Link to their prices and packages

2. Book the earliest timeslot

Not only will you avoid the crowd but you also get to stay the whole day if you prefer.  There is no maximum time for your stay.

3. Bring your own towel, slippers and bathrobe

If you want to save money, bring your own.  Renting these will cost you a lot.  Towel is 700 ISK, bathrobe is 1400 ISK and a pair of slippers is 1400 ISK.  You don’t need to worry about the storage because Blue Lagoon provides free use of locker.  They also have free disposable plastic bags for your wet clothes.

4. You would NEED a bathrobe

The short walk from the building to the lagoon is very cold.  Spare yourself and bring a bathrobe!  There’s a rack right before you enter the lagoon where you can hang your towel and bathrobe.

5. Try the Silica Mud Mask

The Silica Mud Mask is complimentary for all.  It can be found at the gazebo at the right side of the Blue Lagoon.

6. Expect your hair to get extremely dry for at least 2 days

Blue Lagoon has chemicals which can destroy your hair.  It is highly advisable to put conditioner on your hair and put it in a bun.

7. There are private shower cubicles in the changing rooms

Showering without bathing suits is required but it was not strictly implemented during our stay.

8. Bring your waterproof camera

Use a wrist strap for your waterproof camera.  Don’t risk losing your camera because the water is too murky.  You wouldn’t be able to see anything underwater.

9. GPS Coordinates of the Blue Lagoon

Latitude: N +63.881363 (63°52’52.9068″N)
Longitude: W -22.453115 (-22°27’11.214″W)

If you are using Google Maps, make sure you select the Blue Lagoon that is at the farther south of Keflavik International Airport and NOT the Blue Lagoon Spa at Reykjavik.  The one in Reykjavik is its office only. 🙂

For a list of accommodations you should consider, click here.  These are the accommodations we have tried and tested – from budget hostels to luxury design hotels! 🙂

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The Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland Tips and What to Expect


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  1. Looks like a very unique experience. I did not know that Iceland had something like this.

  2. wow beautiful photos! I loved how you showed us the way to it! this is definitely on my travel bucket list!

  3. Wow this post takes me back. I loved Iceland and of course the Blue Lagoon. The face masks are great however don’t rub it in your eyes by mistake. It hurts 🙂

    1. businesstravelerswife says: Reply

      Good tip, thanks! Glad I didn’t rub it in my eyes! I accidentally tasted it though, didn’t taste good.

  4. The Blue Lagoon looks so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit. I had no idea that it required advance reservations, thank you for sharing! Also, do you know what the chemicals are in the water that dry out your hair?

    1. businesstravelerswife says: Reply

      No problem, it’s my pleasure to share our travel tips! I’m not exactly sure which chemicals in their water dry out the hair but according to their website, it is high in sulphate.

  5. What a great experience it looks gorgeous.

  6. The Blue Lagoon looks incredible! Next time I go back to Iceland I will definitely make it a point to check it out. Thanks for the great tips and sharing these amazing photos.

  7. A lot of people may think Blue Lagoon is a tourist trap, that is not worth paying 50 euros but that’s not true. I had the most amazing experience there, staying in the turquoise hot water while outside is snowing, seeing the mountains in the back, drinking a cold beer – oh gosh, I will go back again and again without blinking, I never been so relaxed in my life :D.

  8. Cannot wait to go here one day!

  9. Fantastic information. Thank you. If I ever get to Iceland and the Blue Lagoon I believe I will be fully prepared!

  10. That looks really wonderful to visit. I recently went the Blue lagoon in Malta, which was beautiful in a completely different way!

  11. Lisa (Simple Sojourner) says: Reply

    I can’t wait to visit Iceland. Your adventure there looks fabulous! I would definitely visit Blue Lagoon while there it’s all part of the appeal for going there. Thanks for your tips and the great pictures.

  12. I am so glad I have happened on this post, because I am hoping to visit Iceland next year and I wasn’t sure if I would visit the Blue Lagoon. But now I have seen your post and your lovely photos I definitely will! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Aaaaaahhhhh, the Blue Lagoon … it’s a must for anyone visiting Iceland! We went at New Year when there was snow on the ground so it was very cold but we also did the same as you and booked an early slot so it didn’t feel to crowded. You have provided great information for people who have yet to visit and thank you for giving me a trip down memory lane!

  14. Blue Lagoon Experience looks like lots of fun Jen. I have heard some reviews about this place but still haven’t travelled to Iceland yet despite growing up in the nearby UK. I visited an outdoor hot springs in the Mornington Peninsular a few weeks ago so know what you saying about the outdoor cold walk. However, the hots springs we visited were so hot that after a while we were begging for the cold air to cool us down.

  15. What a great post! Makes us want to jump in RIGHT NOW! Good tip on getting there early and spending the whole day. We’d stay until we turned into great big blue raisins! Also a good tip about the hair. We never see pictures of people with swim caps…are they allowed?

    1. businesstravelerswife says: Reply

      You’ll definitely enjoy this! Swim caps are allowed and we saw few people who used them. 🙂

  16. We visited the Blue Lagoon when we went to Iceland, and had also heard that it was a “tourist trap”. I am so glad we went also! It’s beautiful and just an incredible experience. We ate at their restaurant LAVA. Best meal I’ve ever had! Loved the trip down memory lane!

  17. I have never heard of this destination before! Your post i a real eye-opener, Jen!

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