Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies

Featured Image Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Peyto Lake

Planning a weekend road trip to the Canadian Rockies?  Prepare yourself for a large crowd and consider some of the beautiful places other than Lake Louise and Banff.  Our day-trip itinerary did not go exactly as planned because of the huge crowd and impossible parking situation but it led us to explore less popular but equally-stunning sights.  Read on to see our picturesque stops and tips for your roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies!

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies

Coming from Calgary, the drive to Banff was easy.  The roads are wide and the scenic views are endless.  If you love nature, you will surely enjoy the drive.  Roll down the windows and breathe in the fresh air!  The roads are surrounded by pine trees, mountains, and lakes.

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies

Herbert Lake

Since our roadtrip in Iceland, we began enjoying rerouting at sites with picnic signs because some of them can really be worth the stop.  Herbert Lake is a case in point.  Its picture-perfect view cannot be seen from the road but when you walk down the dusty trail from the parking, you will arrive at the tranquil lake surrounded by pine trees and the vast Canadian Rockies.  It gives a stunning reflection of the sky, pine trees, and the Rockies.

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Herbert Lake

Unlike the famous (but crowded) lakes, it is very peaceful in Herbert Lake.  It is a short 8-min drive from Lake Louise so make sure to drop by! 🙂

Crowfoot Glacier

A quick stop at the Crowfoot Glacier is a must.  The parking can easily be seen along the Icefields Parkway.  The crowfoot-shaped glacier is not as big as those we’ve seen in Iceland but its unique view with the pine trees and turquoise lake is mesmerizing!

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Crowfoot Glacier (1 of 1)

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Crowfoot Glacier

Bow Lake

Another attraction along the Icefields Parkway is the Bow Lake.  This scenic landscape will definitely attract your attention.  The lake is calm and clear with stunning shades of blue.  As you make your way to the lake, you will also find pine trees and purple flowers.  The beautiful view ends with the ice-capped Canadian Rockies.  At the left, you could get a glimpse of the Crowfoot Glacier and at the middle is the Bow Glacier.

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Bow Lake (1 of 1)-2

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Bow Lake (1 of 1)-2

Despite the crowd, the view is still worth a stop.  It’s easy to find parking because of the quick turn-around of visitors.  Just be careful going down because you have go through the unpaved slope to reach the lake.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is the farthest stop in our roadtrip but it had the best view!  It’s definitely a top contender of all the landscapes we’ve seen.  There is an uphill trail before you can reach the viewing point but it’s an easy, paved hike so there is nothing to worry about.

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Peyto Lake

Flipboard Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Peyto Lake (1 of 1)-2

The view of this glacier-fed lake starts from the glacier tongue of the Peyto Glacier.  The dull colors of the glacier and the Canadian Rockies emphasize the lake’s bright turquoise water.  Its brilliant color is quite unbelievable!  At the farther end, the beautiful lake is surrounded by pine trees and an endless view of ice-capped mountains.

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Peyto Lake

Me Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Peyto Lake

It was crowded when we were at the Peyto Lake.  The parking was also almost full but since they didn’t close it, unlike Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, we were able to push through!  Thank goodness!


Accommodations in Banff and Lake Louise were already fully booked and rates have gone high by the time we decided to have the roadtrip.  Since we arrived at Calgary, we booked a room at the newly opened Element Calgary Airport hotel.  Its convenient location is only 1.5 hrs away from Banff.  We figured that the difference of at least $100 is worth the relatively short drive.

Element Calgary Airport Hotel

Element Calgary Airport Hotel

For an affordable hotel, we had a huge room with full kitchen, dishwasher, huge couch, TV, and office desk.  Everything was new! The room was spacious and clean.  It also had a bright, modern design which we loved.

Element Calgary Airport Hotel (1 of 1)

The bed, pillows, and comforter were very comfortable.  It gave us the good night’s rest we needed for the roadtrip!

Element Calgary Airport Hotel

Tips for Your Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies

1.  Leave early to avoid the crowd

2.  Book your accommodations in advance

Hotels in Banff and Lake Louise gets sold out quickly and rates shoot up!

3.  Look out on the road for wildlife 

Or, if the traffic slows down for no apparent reason, there might be a sighting of a bear.  During our trip, there were two instances where some vehicles stopped at the side of the road.  When we checked to see the cause of the delay, we saw a cub on the side of the road!  On our way back from Peyto Lake, the cub was joined by a bigger bear.

Scenic Summer Roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies Bear Wildlife

4.  Shuttles are great alternative if you don’t want the inconvenience of finding a parking spot

5.  Bring an extra pair of shoes, preferably hiking boots

Expect some (easy) hiking if you want to get a better view.

6.  If you don’t have a Canada 150 Park Discovery Pass, you can easily get it from the Banff park entrance

As you reach the Banff park entrance, there will be lanes for those without passes.  You can get it for free from the officer.  For more info, click here.

Free 2017 Parks Canada Pass

7.  If you are not pressed for time, check the spots with picnic signs 

Sometimes, these less popular areas offer amazing views!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, the rockies are incredible, aren’t they?! I’ve been wanting to do a road trip lately too.

  2. Canadian Rockies are so stunning and picturesque. This is perfect place for nature lovers like me. All Lakes are so wonderful and looks so serene. Visiting this place through road trip is great as in between bears are also spotted. Nice tips!

  3. Beautiful! There really isnt anywhere in the world quite like Canadian Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park! I Just returned from a trip through Banff and Jasper as well but have only posted Banff on my blog sofar! Great tips for seeing the area as well!

  4. I’ve never been to Canada but my Canadian friends here in the UK keep telling me that I MUST go. The Rockies and Vancouver are the two areas I want to explore – and I love road trips. Your photos are stunning.

  5. I’m so jealous that you’ve been here, it looks glorious! The turquoise blue of those waters mixed with the mountains in the backdrop look unreal. Good tip about the wildlife too; I guess it must be easy to miss any creatures when you’re mesmerised by the scenery!

  6. Sometimes such situations when things doesn’t go as planned, its a blessing in disguise! Good that you got to explore such lesser known gems! Lake Hebert looks so serene! Canada 150 pass is really an awesome deal this year, right?! The hotel looks chic!

  7. Awesome you got see bears! this is great info for visiting this amazing nature reserve. You accommodation loos great. cool post!

  8. Abigail Sinsona says: Reply

    The Canadian Rockies could arguably be one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The glistening lake water surface are beautiful. The pine trees and other types of foliage add more to the beauty of the lakes. I hope I could see this beauty for myself someday!

  9. Beautiful pictures. What a great trip

  10. I love driving in Canada, it’s so easy with the good quality roads! The stop you had at Herbert Lake is the perfect place for a quick picnic, with a perfect reflection in front of you! I love the colour of the water in Bow Lake. The Crowfoot Glacier above it is amazing too. Your photos are amazing, the contrast of colours with the lake, the mountains and the sky is beautiful! It was worth the drive to the hotel in Calgary for a $100 saving, I did that when I visited Yellowstone.

  11. his sounds like a lovely road trip. I have driven round the Toronto area but I have never been this far west in Canada. I really need to go to the Rockies. Your photos are amazing especially Bow Lake. The water is so blue

  12. Splendid photos! Loved your post 🙂

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