How We Earned Our Hotel Points & Miles

Business Class First Class Aeroplan Miles

We’ve been staying at Sheraton (SPG hotel) for almost 2 years.  Aside from the points we accumulate every night, we get an additional 500 points every day for registering at SPG’s Green Choice Program.  Basically, when you opt for a Green Choice, you will not have housekeeping for that day which is a very good deal if you’re low-maintenance like us.  You can get a maximum of 4 straight nights with Green Choice (last year it was only 3). So, that’s an additional of 6 x 500 = 3,000 points every week for us.

The SPG points are transferable to our Aeroplan miles. 1 SPG point = 1 Aeroplan mile.

Plus, for every 20,000 SPG points you transfer to Aeroplan, you get an additional 5,000 miles!

Through our accumulated points, we finally had the chance to ride in business class and first class.  We only had to pay for the tax which is really, really awesome.

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Watch out for hotel and airmiles promo as I will be posting the current promos we’re participating in.

If you have tips on how we can maximize our miles and hotel points, please leave a comment below!

5 Replies to “How We Earned Our Hotel Points & Miles”

  1. Great info – I have always dreamed of first class 🙂 I collect airmails (and have had several free trips from Canada to Europe), but I feel like the program has gone downhill in the last few years with all of the changes they have made. Plus booking hotels through them is never the most economical route.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 How do you collect airmails? I’d love to check that out. Yeah, there are added fees if you do not book from the hotels directly.

      1. There are several different airmiles programs throughout the world, I believe. I am from Canada and I know the Canadian program is much different from the American one. I am not sure where you are from, but if you are from Canada, I always found the quickest way to collect airmiles was from Safeway and BMO. Safeway will often have deals, such as buy two of a product and receive 100 bonus miles.

        1. Oh, airmiles, I thought airmails. 🙂 That’s good to know, I’m here in Canada also. Thank you for the helpful info!

          1. Autocorrect. Sorry about that! 🙂

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