Crossing Off the Bucketlist #4: Flying in First Class and Business Class

Unless you have a private jet, there is nothing more elite than flying in first class and business class.

With the miles we accumulated, I was able to experience both first-hand.  There are several instances where our seats have been upgraded through eUpgrade credits and complimentary upgrades (which came with the status).

7 Perks of Flying in First Class and Business Class:

1.  Skip the long lines for check-in, security check and boarding

It is a general rule to allot time for traffic and checking in but there are still times when you encounter unforeseen circumstances.  The exclusive lines spared us from any inconvenience.


2.  Access to airline lounges

Most airlines serve hot meals, snacks, soda, coffee and alcohol.  There are also shower rooms.

7 Perks of Flying in First Class and Business Class - airline lounge

3.  Exclusivity is so distinct, you couldn’t help but feel the prestige

First Class seats are limited.  First thing I noticed was the designated entrance for First Class flyers only. There are also exclusive washrooms with fancy toiletries.

4.  Reclining seats and spacious legroom

Suddenly, a 12-hour flight doesn’t seem long enough.  You can fully recline the seat or adjust the angle and the position.  There’s also a turndown service for First Class.  Pamper much?
7 Perks of Flying in First Class and Business Class: - reclining seats

5.  Food and drinks are always being served.

You can request for drinks any time.  Wine, beer, soda, juice, coffee, you name it.

7 Perks of Flying in First Class and Business Class

6.  In-flight coat check

I didn’t realize how it important it was until we flew during winter.  The thick layer of coat just takes up too much space!

7.  Free extra luggage allowance

Great for long vacations.  No matter how many times we’ve flown, I can’t seem to pack light.  With the extra luggage allowance, I can bring more from my wardrobe.



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7 Replies to “Crossing Off the Bucketlist #4: Flying in First Class and Business Class”

  1. I’d really love to fly in first or business class! I never have before. The reclining seats and the food and drinks look awesome!!

    1. businesstravelerswife says: Reply

      You will certainly enjoy it! 🙂

  2. I love lounge access, but I don’t fly Business as much as I would like. Sniff…

  3. I have never experienced this but loved too. I just always travel mega cheap without any upgrades, but this sure looks nice for longer flights. Maybe the whole flying things isn’t such a irritation ritual.

  4. I’d love to sleep in those reclining seats every time I fly! Maybe some day!

  5. I have been an Economy person till date, though i have traveled extensively. Lovely reading your experience 🙂

    1. businesstravelerswife says: Reply

      Thank you for dropping by! We figured that experiencing First Class and Business Class flights are worth spending our miles for. 🙂

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