Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris

We still have a long list of foods that we want to try in Paris but I figured that the amazing food we ate during our trip is worth having its own post in my blog.  Hence, our list of must-try foods in Paris!  Several items in this list are popular and there are also some unfamiliar places that made us craving for more.  Get ready to drool!


Angelina is one of the famous tea rooms in Paris.  Walking inside this chic tea room is a delight.  There are macarons, chocolate pralines, madeleines, and their signature pastry, Mont Blanc.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Angelina Tea Room Mont-Blanc
Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Angelina Tea Room

We started with Angelina’s Tea Time.  For €20, we were able to try some finger sandwiches, cheese canapé, mini macaron, madeleine, and mini pastries like Mont-Blanc.  The Tea Time also comes with a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Angelina Tea Time

Overall, we were delighted with our tea time.  It was a great way to sample their menu, especially the pastries!

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Angelina Tea Time-4

Angelina is mostly known for its old-fashioned hot chocolate and signature pastry, Mont-Blanc.  The hot chocolate is served with whipped cream on the side.  It is extremely rich and decadent.  Both hot chocolate and Mont-Blanc are already included in the Tea Time.

Our List of Must-Try Food in Paris Angelina Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc

Since we were sharing, we thought that one mini Mont-Blanc would not be enough.  We ordered an additional regular Mont-Blanc and we barely made it through the end.  It was deceivingly heavy!  Mont-Blanc is made of meringue base, light whipped cream filling, and slightly sweet chestnut cream cover.  Angelina is quite expensive but since you are already in Paris, you must try it at least once!

Address: 226 rue de Rivoli


Next on our list of must-try foods in Paris is a small crêperie in the Bastille area called O’Crousty.  We stumbled upon this crêperie while we were walking outside our hotel.  It caught our attention when a customer ordered and we saw the generous amount of cheese and meat on the crêpe.  Without a second thought, we ordered a savoury crêpe and a Banana-Nutella crêpe.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris O'Crousty Creperie

We watched as the crêpes were made in front of us.  The savoury crêpe had overflowing cheese and was later added with a handful of ground beef and some kind of special sauce.  The crêpes were so good especially the savoury one!

Our List of Must-Try Food in Paris O'Crousty Creperie

There are many crêperies around Paris but O’Crousty is one of our favorites.  It is cheap, packed, and flavorful!  It could certainly satisfy a night craving.

Address: 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre

Blé Sucré

A short walk from O’Crousty and you’ll find another one of our must-try foods in Paris.  It is a small, famous patisserie called Blé Sucré

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Ble Sucre

On our first visit, we tried the kouign-amann and gâteau basque.  The gâteau basque is a cake with a thick cream filling while the kouign-amann is similar to a croissant in terms of its tender, buttery, flaky center.  I like it more than a croissant because it has a crunchy yet chewy, caramelized and slightly-burnt crust.  Every bite of the kouign-amann was a perfect balance of texture and flavor!

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Ble Sucre kouign-amann and gâteau basque
Kouign-Amann and Gâteau Basque

Many say that Blé Sucré makes one of the best madeleines and croissants in Paris.  We were supposed to buy these best-sellers on our next visit.  Unfortunately, when we arrived mid-afternoon, only few items were left and the croissants and madeleines were already sold out.  Apparently, this happens often.  If you are planning to buy their best-selling pastries, it’s best to do so in the morning!  Who doesn’t want freshly-baked pastries anyway? 🙂  We’ll definitely go earlier when we return to Paris.  We still have to try those madeleines and croissants!

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Ble Sucre patisserie madeleines

Address: 7 Rue Antoine Vollon

Bouillon Chartier

More than a 100 years old, Bouillon Chartier has established itself as one of the well-known traditional restaurants in Paris.  It is loved by its local patrons and it has gained popularity with tourists as well.  It has only one branch and it doesn’t accept reservations so expect a long line of hungry customers.  We can’t blame them though.  After our dining experience, we can’t wait to eat here again!  It is really worth the wait.  Bouillon Chartier serves delectable classic French meals at reasonable prices

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Bouillon Chartier

Duck Foie Gras and Escargot

For starters, we ordered a block of duck foie gras and escargot for €6-7 each.  The duck foie gras was rich and creamy.  It melted in my mouth at each bite.  I have always liked snails but I particularly loved the escargot from Bouillon Chartier.  Each serving comes with six snails cooked in garlic and generous amount of parsley butter.  The escargot had a chewy texture and a clean taste.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Bouillon Chartier Escargot

Duck Confit and Grilled Andouillette

For the main course, I ordered the duck confit while Mr. C and our friend Debra ordered the grilled andouillette with mustard sauce. The meals range from €8.5-13.5.

Our List of Must-Try Food in Paris Bouillon Chartier Duck Confit
Duck Confit

The duck confit was fantastic!  I wanted to savor every bite.  It was seasoned well and since it was cooked in its own fat, the duck confit was very flavorful.  The skin was light and crispy and the meat was succulent.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Bouillon Chartier Grilled Andouillette
Grilled Andouillette

Unlike the duck confit which is always a hit, the grilled andouillette is a “love it or hate it” type of dish.  It is not your typical sausage because instead of ground meat, the andouillette is made of pig intestines.  It is chewy and has a distinct, strong flavor.  The mustard sauce complements the grilled andouillette well.  This dish is an acquired taste and we actually liked it!  


We finished our dinner with a custard-filled profiterole.  It was oozing with rich chocolate syrup and sprinkled with chopped almonds.  Yum!!

Our List of Must-Try Food in Paris Bouillon Chartier Profiterole

Address: 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre

Bistrot Victoires

Thanks to the recommendation of our friend, we found another dining option that serves excellent and affordable classic French cuisine, Bistrot Victoires.  Their main entrees ranged from €10.90 to €13.50 each.

We ordered the beef ribeye steak and the duck confit.  The steak was served with a burning wild thyme on top.  Its presentation was unique and impressive!  The steak was seared well on both sides.  It was also juicy and tender.  For €12.50, we were very satisfied with the steak and homemade fries.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Bistrot Victoires beef ribeye steak burning wild thyme
Beef Ribeye Steak With Burning Wild Thyme

The delicious duck confit was the highlight of our dinner.  It was crispy, flavorful, and juicy.  It came with a side of sarladaises potatoes which was fantastic!  The potatoes were cut into thin slices, cooked in garlic and duck fat, and then garnished with parsley.  Yum!!  The duck confit with sarladaises potatoes is definitely the must-try dish if you are going to dine here.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Bistrot Victoires duck confit
Duck Confit

Address: 6 Rue de laVrillière

L’as Du Fallafel

If you are looking to stray away from the classic French cuisine for a bit, you might want to try L’as Du Fallafel.  We went there for a late-night snack and to see what the fuss is all about.  Even though it’s not French cuisine, L’as Du Fallafel has become very popular in Paris.  Its rave reviews were enough to raise our curiosity.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris L'as Du Fallafel-2

Its popular menu item is the Fallafel special which is vegetarian.  Since Mr. C and I prefer ours with meat, we ordered the shawarma and the grilled chicken steak pita.  They filled the pitas with meat, pickled red cabbage, hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled aubergine, and sauce.  We were surprised when they handed us our overloaded pitas.  These were big, heavy, messy pitas!

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris L'as Du Fallafel Grilled Chicken Steak
Grilled Chicken Steak

There was no easy way in eating the pitas but we found it more enjoyable because of that.  As we took our first bites, we immediately realized why L’as Du Fallafel is a hit.  For a cheap price, the food has a generous serving.  All of the stuffing were fresh, juicy and full of flavor.

Address: 32-34 Rue des Rosiers


Loup’s central location and nice atmosphere make it a great place for spending an afternoon, catching up with friends over drinks or people watching.  We had crème brûlée, beer, and some cocktails. 

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Loup

Address: 44 Rue duLouvre


A vacation in Paris would not be complete without indulging myself with some French macarons.  On our first day, we headed to Ladurée, a world-renowned patisserie famous for its macarons.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Laduree Macarons

Stepping inside the store is overwhelming.  Beautiful pastries and macarons that come in different colors and flavors are on display.  After some deliberation, we ended up buying a box of 6 macarons – salted caramel, pistachio, rose, strawberry, coffee, and caramel chocolate.

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Laduree Macarons

The macarons were wonderful!  They were delicate and exquisite.  Each macaron cost €2.1 which is quite expensive for a small item but you could easily distinguish its high quality compared to average macarons sold on other stores.  The shells were light, soft, and a little chewy.  Oh, and all of the flavors we chose were delectable, not too sweet, and the flavors were distinct.

We ate some while waiting for the sunset and Eiffel Tower to light up.  It was an awesome way to end our first day in Paris!

Address: 75 Av des Champs-Elysees

Pierre Hermé

Let’s just say that “for the sake of comparison,” I also had to try the macarons of Pierre Hermé, the top competitor of Ladurée.  We visited its boutique at 86 avenue des Champs-Elysées and we were blown away by its grand selection of stunning pastries and macarons.  It was magical!  

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Pierre Herme Macarons-2
Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Pierre Herme Macarons-2
I couldn’t help myself and bought boxes of macarons as souvenirs!

We also ordered one of their tempting pastries called Tarte Infiniment Vanille and some macarons for dine-in.  The Tarte Infiniment Vanille was rich and decadent!  As its name suggests, this tart is packed with vanilla-infused layers and the vanilla is not just the ordinary kind.  It is a special mix of vanilla from different places like Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar.  The layers consist of a shortbread crust moistened with vanilla, a dense filling of vanilla-flavored white chocolate ganache, and a vanilla-flavored mascarpone cream. 

Our List of Must-Try Foods in Paris Pierre Herme Tarte Infiniment Vanille
Tarte Infiniment Vanille

The 3 other macarons we ordered were from their collaboration with L’Occitane.  The macarons had a light, fragrant and clean taste.  As unique and fun as they tasted, we still prefer their classic flavors. 

We didn’t notice a big difference between the macarons of Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.  In terms of flavor and consistency, both are exquisite.  
Pierre Hermé macarons are more visually-pleasing and have more fillings and flavors.  

Address: 86 avenue des Champs-Elysées

Return to Paris

Before leaving Paris, Mr. C and I agreed that we will return to this beautiful city, not just for its scenic views but also for the numerous pastries, dishes, and desserts that we would still have to try.  We already have quite a list for our return!  Among these are the escargot chocolat-pistache pastry from Du Pain et Des Idees, steak and fries from Le relais de l’Entrecote, and crêpe from Breizh Café.

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  1. Paris and desserts must go hand-in-hand. I was stunned by the variety of sweet-dishes available in the breakfast menu itself! Sad that I couldn’t get my hand on those yummy looking macrons. The entire collection of food you presented perfectly represents Paris.

  2. Goodness…. you have just me yearn for Paris once again! Part and parcel of the Parisian experience truly is the food and the endless amount of pastries and coffee in the side walk cafes. I literally could have escargot and French onion soup every single day. I LOVE foie gras but I stopped eating that years ago when I learnt how foie gras was made and I couldn’t bring myself to contribute to that industry. Really great post!

  3. Oh, my Lord what a feast! Did you guys eat all that food? Everything looks delicious, but very fattening. Macaroons are my husband’s weakness. Mine is crème brûlée, so those deserts we try every time we go to Paris. Duck Confit and foie gras are also my favorite, but escargot I wouldn’t try even if they paid me!

  4. I think I’m the only person who goes to Paris who doesn’t indulge in the sweets. I prefer savory foods and Paris great for that too! I love duck confit and am glad I now have a great recommendation for my next trip!

  5. I would love to spend a week in Paris just eating! Your photos of crepes, breads, and pastries make me want to go even more. That Duck Confit looks absolutely amazing!

  6. OMG I regret I stepped into this blog! Now I cannot stop scrolling through and everything looks so good. I am absolutely in love with the desserts, they looks just perfect. Bullion CHartier looks like my kind of place. I would eat there everything. And macaroni….

  7. Wow what a great collection of gastronomical delights and I love Paris. I woukd love to visit Bouillon Chartier as it looks amazing and is so well known for being a traditional restaurants in Paris. The other one would be Laduree as I’m a fan of macaroons. Paris has some great places to eat. Thanks for sharing.

  8. shreyasaha1987 says: Reply

    That’s a lovely list of so many different foods from different restaurants in Paris. I am a foodie and I would love to have the macarons at Laduree, Mont-Blanc at Angelina, and shawarma at Las de Fallafels. These are going to top my list when in Paris.

  9. omg, you made me feel hungry with all those amazing pictures. I am a foodie and if am visiting a place then the first thing i look for is the FOOD lol. I would love to try all of the above but first crêperies coz they are something which i have always wanted to taste

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