Dancing Moose Cafe in Yellowknife, Canada

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Location: Yellowknife, Canada

We finished our Yellowknife trip with a lunch at the popular Dancing Moose Cafe.  It is a charming Bed & Breakfast right beside a lake.
Buffalo Burger
Dancing Moose Cafe in Yellowknife, Canada
Honestly, we couldn’t distinguish the buffalo taste from a beef burger. But, this is one great burger!  It was juicy and delicious.  The soft buttery pretzel bun is a winner!
Shepherd’s Pie
Dancing Moose Cafe in Yellowknife, Canada
It was a large serving of good Shepherd’s Pie but we’ve eaten better.
Chocolate Pecan Pie
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Now, this one’s my favorite.♥  Each delicious bite of the gooey pecan pie melted into my mouth and was loaded with choco chips.  The crust was crisp and light. They served it with condensed milk and chocolate syrup on the side.


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