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Location: Yellowknife, Canada

Bullocks’ Bistro was the main reason why we walked for at least 30 mins at -20/-30ᵒc.

It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Yellowknife and a must-try for every tourist.  It’s a  rustic restaurant that serves unique meats like reindeer, buffalo and moose.  It’s also known for serving the freshest fish!  The popular items in its menu are the reindeer steak and fish and chips.  It is, however, very expensive compared to other restaurants.  Ave price per meal with drinks and tip is around $40-50.

Bullocks Bistro Restaurant Review Yellowknife Canada

Bullocks’ Bistro doesn’t take reservations so if you plan to eat there, come early!

During our first night, we thought we were already early. We arrived at 5pm.  When we got there, a line has already started.  At least 10 people were ahead of us and the bistro was packed.

Bullocks' Bistro in Yellowknife, Canada
We waited outside for more than an hour and it was painful.  It was freezing cold and my toes started to feel numb!  

When we were finally seated, we learned that all of the meat and most of the fish were sold out.  We didn’t even get to have the complimentary cinnamon buns with jam and butter.  The last batch was served before we went in. 🙁  We were so dismayed and we had to wait for a long time for our orders to be taken.

We took the waiter’s advice and ordered the Grilled Arctic Char and Deep-fried Whitefish.

Bullocks' Bistro in Yellowknife, Canada grilled arctic char
Grilled Arctic Char (similar to salmon) – Really, really delicious!  The fish was very fresh.  It was drizzled with a homemade sweet sauce.  It also had a hint of ginger and spice (maybe cumin).
Bullocks' Bistro in Yellowknife, Canada deep-fried whitefish
Deep-fried Whitefish – It has the perfectly light and crisp batter.  The fish was very fresh but it could’ve used a bit more of salt & pepper.  Like the Arctic Char, it has a hint of spice.

The salad may have only been a side but it made a huge impact to our satisfaction.  The sweet vinaigrette house salad dressing of Bullocks’ Bistro was absolutely amazing!


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On our second try, we made sure that we wouldn’t experience the same long wait.  We arrived at Bullocks’ Bistro before 4pm!  When we got there, there was already a group of people.  Good thing that the bistro won’t open until 4pm that day.  We were one of the first customers.

We sat at the bar so that we can have a full view of the kitchen and the food preparations.

Bullocks' Bistro in Yellowknife, Canada
The chef/owner interacted with us.  She was so passionate with her cooking.  She did everything!  From cutting of fries to slicing of reindeer meat.

We weren’t able to order the reindeer steak.  There were only 2 servings available when we arrived and the customers ahead of us ordered them.  Unfortunately, the chef hasn’t sliced the next batch yet.  So, we opted for the next best in their menu – Reindeer and Buffalo Mix Stew and Pan-fried Pickerel aka Joe’s Special.

Bullocks' Bistro in Yellowknife, Canada
Reindeer and Buffalo Mix Stew – it was loaded with tender meat. The stew was very tasty but we couldn’t distinguish the taste of the reindeer and buffalo meat.


Bullocks' Bistro in Yellowknife, Canada
Pan-fried Pickerel (Joe’s Special) – Now, I know why this is Joe’s favorite!  The pickerel was cooked in a block of butter and was drizzled with beer.  The pickerel was so fresh and delicious!  It was perfectly seasoned.

We thought we were going home without being able to taste the reindeer meat but the chef was a very nice lady.  She offered to cook for us a small piece to try.  We assumed it would be a small slice only but she gave us a portion that is larger than my palm.  She cooked the reindeer steak perfectly! ♥  It was very soft and buttery.  She served it with sauteed onion and sauce.  The reindeer tasted like beef but lighter.

The food was really, really delicious and had large servings but, I have to admit, Bullocks’ Bistro menu is overpriced.  It’s good to try it though because it offers a very unique experience.  We also love the service we received from the chef on our second night.

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Bullocks Bistro Restaurant Review Yellowknife Canada


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