Hotel Hopping Diaries of a Business Traveler’s Wife

It’s been more than three years since we’ve been staying at hotels.  In the span of those three years, we have been transferring from one hotel to another.  It sounds awesome, right?  There are many perks from this hotel hopping lifestyle but, honestly, it’s also challenging!  We prioritize the hotels depending on the available promos […]

Hotel Promo: Earn 75,000 Points with Hyatt’s Promo – More Points More Play

Hotel Promo: Earn 75,000 Points with Hyatt's Promo - More Points More Play

Here is another chance to earn extra 75,000 Hyatt hotel points, thanks to Hyatt’s promo – More Points More Play! Remember the “Stay More Play More” promo they released earlier this year?  It’s one of our favorite hotel promos because we were able to collect 75,000 BONUS hotel points!  Well, they returned this promo, now called “More Points […]

Hotel Promo: SPG More for You (Double and Triple Your SPG Starpoints)

SPG More for You Hotel Promo

As avid hotel points collectors, we are very excited with SPG’s new promo called “SPG More for You.”  This promo is similar to the one they released earlier this year called SPG Triple Up.  It is time for us to earn double and TRIPLE hotel points (Starpoints) again! SPG More for You The rules are simple.  Earn double Starpoints on weekday […]

Mystery Shopping: Reimburse 50% of Your Airfare with Evaluate It by SQM

Mystery Shopping: Reimburse 50% of Your Airfare with Evaluate It by SQM

Have you ever heard of mystery shopping?  It is where a mystery or secret shopper evaluates the quality of service and/or product.  Companies use it to check if its services and products are complying with its standards.  Interesting, right?  Well, I recently discovered that there’s an opportunity to become a mystery shopper for airlines AND reimburse 50% of your airfare […]

Crossing Off the Bucketlist #4: Flying in First Class and Business Class

Unless you have a private jet, there is nothing more elite than flying in first class and business class. With the miles we accumulated, I was able to experience both first-hand.  There are several instances where our seats have been upgraded through eUpgrade credits and complimentary upgrades (which came with the status). 7 Perks of Flying in First Class and Business Class: 1.  Skip […]