DIY Chocolate Drizzled White Cheddar Popcorn

Friday night is movie night!♥  We decided to stay in the hotel and watch Harry Potter in preparation for our upcoming trip to Universal Studios Orlando. *squeal* We wanted to watch the movie with our favorite popcorn (Smartfood’s Chocolate & Caramel Drizzle Popcorn) but we can’t find it in any grocery store.  Sadly, it’s offered for a limited time only. […]

‘Sweet Jesus’ – Toronto’s Hyped Ice Cream Parlor

Location: Toronto, Canada In my recent post, I mentioned that we stayed at Downtown Toronto last weekend.  We were having dinner with our friends at the La Carnita restaurant when ‘Sweet Jesus’ first had our curiosity.  It’s a very small store in John St. so you wouldn’t see it right away.  In fact, if we weren’t inside La Carnita, we […]

Bullocks’ Bistro

Northern Lights ♥ Snowmobile Tour ♥ North Star Adventures Dancing Moose Cafe ♥ Capital Suites Location: Yellowknife, Canada Bullocks’ Bistro was the main reason why we walked for at least 30 mins at -20/-30ᵒc. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in Yellowknife and a must-try for every tourist.  It’s a  rustic restaurant that serves unique meats like reindeer, buffalo and moose.  It’s also […]

Dancing Moose Cafe in Yellowknife, Canada

Northern Lights ♥ Snowmobile Tour ♥ North Star Adventures Bullocks’ Bistro ♥ Capital Suites Location: Yellowknife, Canada We finished our Yellowknife trip with a lunch at the popular Dancing Moose Cafe.  It is a charming Bed & Breakfast right beside a lake. Buffalo Burger Shepherd’s Pie Chocolate Pecan Pie     *Read more about our Yellowknife trip: Seeing the Northern Lights – […]