Liebster Award Nomination!!

I have just received my first nomination for a blog award!!  Big thank you to Planes & Champagnes! ♥

I am new to the blogging world (my blog recently celebrated its 2nd month on April 2) and being appreciated for something that I love doing is heartwarming.


For those who aren’t familiar to the Liebster Award, in the blogging world, bloggers nominate their favorite new blogs.  Liebster is German for favorite, sweetheart, beloved, and darling.  Whoever started this made a brilliant way for bloggers to network and promote new blogs! ♥

I am thrilled to accept this nomination and answer the 11 questions from Planes & Champagnes:

1. Tell me about you.

I’m a business traveler’s wife and I tag along on his business trips.

I love traveling with Mr. C and experiencing something new.  I find happiness in good food.♥  I’m also beginning to appreciate photography because of blogging.

My usual day consists of planning our next vacation, blogging our recent trip, and pampering myself with beauty regimen (I love girly things!).

I love to laugh, smile and surround myself with good company.

2. What’s your blog about?

My blog is primarily about travel.  I review the destinations Mr. C and I recently traveled including hotels and food.  I always provide tips on my blog posts so that my readers will know how to make the most out of their travel.  It’s also about lifestyle – how we get the points to sponsor our trips and beauty (this is still in progress but I’d like to post about beauty finds).

3. What do you love about blogging?

I get to travel and experience different things! ♥  Blogging motivates me to discover new places, cultures and food.  I get to cross off items from my bucket list!!  I also enjoy sharing these moments to inspire my readers to travel to these places or try the food/product/service I reviewed.

4. What is one goal you have for your blog in 2016?

To get a boost in substantial followers including social media.  Is 1,000 followers attainable by 2016?

5. If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?

Chef Gordon Ramsay!  I would love to try the dishes he personally prepared and get tips from him.  He also seems to be a fun guy, outside Hell’s Kitchen of course!  I’m sure Mr. C wouldn’t mind.  I’d bring him with me if possible. 

6. What is your favourite film?

I have several favourites but I’ll choose a feel-good movie for this.  Midnight in Paris.  It’s romantic, interesting, and unique.

7. Where is the best place that you have ever been and why?

Yellowknife. This is where I watched the Northern Lights dance.  It was also my first time to ride/drive a snowmobile.  Plus, I love the food we ate there!!  Mmm… Those chocolate pecan pie, grilled arctic char and pan-fried pickerel…♥♥♥  

This question made me nostalgic.  I want to go back again.

8. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I really wish that terrorism would stop.

9. What’s your guilty pleasure?

F-O-O-D.  I have a huge appetite.  When I crave something, I eat it several times a week until I get tired of it (probably in a month).  I wrote a food post on March 2 about a noodle place and we’ve been eating there until last Friday, April 1.  Its marginal utility is starting to diminish.

10. Fun fact about you?

I am actually doing my dream job!  Back in my teens-early 20s, my friends always asked me what my dream job is.  My answer would always be, to travel and review different places, hotels, spas, and of course, food!  There’s nothing more gratifying than being paid to travel and discover different cultures.  I’m not yet earning but I’m looking forward to the day where my blog can support my passion. ♥

11. What 3 things would you pack if you were stranded on a dessert island?

Knife, satellite phone and energy bars.  Too bad, I can’t pack Mr. C!


My Liebster Award Nominees are:

  1. The Art of Lost
  2. Ecophiles
  3. The English Explorer
  4. Spin the Windrose
  5. Happy & Healthy You
  6. The Unlikely Baker
  7. Enjoy Tribute
  8. Cool Travel Blog
  9. Go Beyond Bounds
  10. A Juggler’s Journey
  11. Every Footstep an Adventure

*I know that I should only nominate 10 bloggers but I just learned that one of my original choices hasn’t been nominated yet.  I think this deserves an exception. 🙂

Liebster Award Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog, in your blog.
  • Display an image of the award in your blog.
  • Answer 11 questions that are asked of you by the person who nominated you.
  • Find 10 new bloggers who you would like to nominate
  • Ask these bloggers 11 new questions that you provide.
  • List these same rules in your own blog.
  • Inform those people who you nominated, that they were nominated for the Liebster Award, and provide a link to your post so they can learn more about it.

My 11 Questions to You:

1. Tell me about you.

2. What’s your blog about?

3. What do you love about blogging?

4. What is one goal you have for your blog in 2016?

5. If you could spend a day anywhere in the world, where would it be?

6. What is the most memorable thing you’ve done during a trip and why?

7. What is the best food you have ever eaten and where?

8. Where is the best place that you have ever been and why?

9. What’s on top of your bucket list?

10. If you could be on a talk show or reality show, which one would you choose and why?

11. Where is your next big vacation?

I’m excited to read your answers!  Congratulations on the nomination! ♥

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  1. Thanks for the nomination!! Love all these answers. People who love food are always the best people haha <3 lol I have a friend who is obsessed with Gordon Ramsay (like having-sex-dreams-with-him kind of obsessed) I always giggle a little when someone mentions him hah

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