Winter Activities at Blue Mountain

Planning for a winter vacation?  There are many winter activities at Blue Mountain in Ontario, Canada.  

*If you haven’t seen my previous post yet, we went here last fall.  It was more scenic but winter is definitely more fun and exciting.

We started our weekend with a rejuvenating spa and massage at Scandinave Spa.

It was a 6-min drive from Blue Mountain Resort.  We made advance reservations for the Solace & Savour Package ($155+GST).  This package includes a 60-min Swedish massage, access to the Scandinavian baths, Tea Time & personal stainless steel water bottle.

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Scandinave Spa
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The spa has 2 hot baths (40-45ᵒC), 2 cold plunge baths (15-16ᵒC), eucalyptus steam bath, Finnish sauna, and relaxation areas.  The recommended cycle is 15 mins. of hot pool, 5 sec. of cold pool plunge, rest and repeat.  You can also use the sauna/steam bath and then finish it with a cold shower.  The eucalyptus steam bath and Finnish sauna are soooo invigorating.♥

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Scandinave Spa

The first few minutes of the hot bath is difficult because the body is still adjusting to the heat.  Once you get used to it, it feels really relaxing.  The next shock is at the cold plunge bath.   This is needed to close the pores of the skin.  I wasn’t ready for the plunge because I went in slowly.  It’s better if you submerge quickly!  When it was time for the relaxation period, we were ready to take a nap.  The whole cycle was very soothing.  It relaxed my body and mind.♥

You can relax indoors (like our friend in the photo below) or outdoors where there are hammocks, fireplaces, and Muskoka chairs.

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Scandinave Spa
Image by Noreen Pereira

I loved my Swedish massage!  Oh, I enjoyed it so much that I fell asleep at some time.  Every sore spot in my body was eased.  After the massage, I returned to the baths and enjoyed every single minute until it was closing time.  What I like about the spa is that you can stay there and relax as long as you want (until the spa closes).  

You can check the rates here.

Tips for the Scandinave Spa:
  • It is very popular so expect a line or come early (as early as 9am).  If not, you need to line up and get your name in the waitlist.  You can’t wait inside.  You can only enter when you have a massage appointment or when you are called.
  • Bring proper bathing suit, robe, flip-flops, and water bottle (you need to keep yourself hydrated)
  • No need to bring a towel because you will be provided with 2 fresh towels
  • Don’t forget to check if you can reimburse the massage from your insurance!
  • I’m not sure if the staff was too busy at the time but we weren’t able to receive our water bottles and tea time.  Better remind them if you ever decide to get their packages too.
The following day, we went to the Blue Mountain Resort to ski!!  First-timer here! 🙂

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort
Skating rink during winter

We had 2 hours to spare before we can purchase the Ski Night Package ($20 less than the Day Package).  So, we decided to ride Ridge Runner ($15+GST/person) 

Ridge Runner (Ontario’s first mountain coaster)

I saw this ride when we first visited Blue Mountain Resort.  Mr. C and I were hiking when we heard screams coming from the ride.  It terrified me then, and it still terrified me as I waited in line for my turn.  I’m scared of heights and speed.  I only agreed to ride the coaster because I thought we can ride in pairs!  It was only when we were already in line when we found out that only kids up to a certain age can ride as a passenger.  Nooooo!

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort Ridge Runner
Ridge Runner (Warning: Steeper slopes ahead)

There’s no turning back since we already bought the tickets.  I tried to master the ride even though there are only 3 things to memorize (go faster, slow down, stop).  The anticipation as my coaster went higher and higher and the sudden boost of speed made me scream so loud!  It felt good to scream because there’s nothing else I can do and I was surrounded only by trees.  

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort Ridge Runner
Goodbye, world!

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the scenic view as my cart went higher because of my fear, but the view was absolutely breathtaking!  I was only able to admire the surroundings briefly.  I was surrounded by the quiet forest and I even saw a running stream below.  I admit that I had lots of fun in this exhilarating ride even though I was petrified most of the time.

Finally, the most anticipated activity of the weekend!  Skiing, baby! 🙂

Our newbie package included a lesson and an equipment rental.  I didn’t like how we were taught because there’s only 1 instructor and there were many of us.  Our Stage 2 Ski Instructor was not helpful and was not positively motivating us.  I was able to practice and learn more when we were skiing by ourselves.  It’s a good thing that a couple of our friends practiced with me!

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort Skiing

I didn’t expect that I would have a hard time learning or how heavy the gears would be.  I even lost count on the number of times I fell.  I’m not born for this sport.  Still, it was sooo thrilling!!

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort Skiing

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort Skiing

I can’t wait to go back next winter to practice more!  It’s so fun to ski without falling or sliding!  Maybe I’ll try snowboarding next time.

You will never run out of things to do in Blue Mountain.♥   ‘Til next time!

Winter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort SkiingWinter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort SkiingWinter Activities at Blue Mountain Resort Skiing

*Don’t forget to check out Blue Mountain at Fall.  Click here to view the post.

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  1. Looks like you had such a fun time! Loved the post 😊

    1. I did!! It was my first time to ski and experience that type of spa. Thank you!♥

  2. I love Blue Mountain. That it’s just an hour away from Toronto where I am is just an added bonus! We always just go in the summer though. We’re not really winter people but looking at your beautiful pictures I think we should try that one year (and isn’t the Scandinave Spa just THE BEST??) 🙂

    1. I’m currently in Toronto too! We’re lucky to have a beautiful resort nearby. Did you go there during fall? It’s stunning! 🙂 And yes, Scandinave Spa is the best!! We’ll definitely go back!

  3. Wow. The spa looks beautiful. I miss skating outside a bit. 🙁

    1. Try this when you’re in Canada again! 🙂

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